Mystery In The Air

_____________________________________ MYSTERY IN THE AIR was a Summer series consisting of 13 30-minute mystery / horror shows. The series was hosted by Mr. Peter Lorre who also played the title role in a few of the shows. The shows were well done. Fans of Peter Lorre in particular and mystery and horror in general will want at least a few for their collection. Of the 13 shows in the series, only the last eight appear to have survived. 47/08/07 6 The Great Barastro by Ben Hecht (Peter Lorre, Henry Morgan, Jane Morgan)The classic about the circus magician and his blind wife...and her ultimate horror. 47/08/14 7 The Lodger (Peter Lorre, Agnes Moorehead, Henry Morgan) A good adaptation of the classic story about Jack The Ripper. 47/08/21 8 The Horla by Guy de Maupassant (Peter Lorre, Henry Morgan, Howard Culver) The famous tale of the Frenchman tortured by an invisible creature. 47/08/28 9 Beyond Good and Evil by Ben Hecht (Peggy Webber, Peter Lorre) An escaped convict kills a minister and takes his place in a small town while planning a bank robbery. A good story! 47/09/04 10 The Mask of Medusa by Nelson Bond (Peggy Webber, Peter Lorre) An excellent horror story about forty seven murderers frozen solid. They still possess active and seething minds, even though they remain in kept in a "wax" museum. The revenge of the walking dead! 47/09/11 11 The Queen of Spades by Alexander Pushkin ( Peter Lorre, Rolfe Sedan) A Russian officer kills to learn the secret of the playing cards that cannot lose. 47/09/18 12 The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe (Peter Lorre) The classic tale about the man who kills his wife and hides her body behind a brick wall. A feline nemesis! 47/09/25 13 Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Peter Lorre, Herb Butterfield, Joseph Kearns) The last show of the series. Nice try, but you can't do "Crime and Punishment" in a half hour. _____________________________________